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Moon Phases

New Moon-  A time for reflection, inner journeys, and rest.
                      Magick is rarely performed on the New Moon.
                      Represents the Newly-Born Maiden aspect of the

Waxing Moon-  A time to perform constructive magic (i.e. adding
                            to your finances). Represents the Maiden
                            transforming into Mother aspect of the Goddess.

Full Moon-  A powerful time for all magick. Full Moon energy
                      starts two days before the Full Moon and extends
                      two days afterward. Represents the Mother aspect
                       of the Goddess; Esbats are celebrated.

Waning Moon-  A time to perform diminishing magick (i.e. healing
                             by banishing an illness). Represents the Mother
                             transforming into Crone aspect of the Goddess.

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