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Laurel's Favorite Link                    
for December:
Great lessons in basic Wicca,
online and free for 1st degree!

Groups, Lists, and Message Boards
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Ashlynn's Grove
   This is a very informative, well-organized site. We love it!

Circle of Isis
    Abother great site, with an Egyptian flair.

Solitary Wiccans
     Good stuff for Solitaries & coven members alike.

The Witches' Voice
     Keep up to date on pagan affairs here; great advocacy site!

Lady Bridget's Site
    One of my personal favorites; don't miss this one.

Matt's Land o' Paganism
    Wonderful site; lots of good stuff here.

Beyond the Rainbow
    Interesting shamanistic lore; lists of animal totems.

World Pantheist Movement
Great Info on pantheism; must see for Theory!

Raven's Web
    Lots of information & goodies.

Wheel of the Year, by Godfrey
    Great info on Sabbats, seasonal lore, etc.

Esoteric Art
If you love spiritually-inspired artwork, this is the place!

    Yet More Wonderful Info; great treatment of Sabbats

Isle 0f Avalon
    "KNowledgeBank," it's called, and it sure is! Don't miss.

The Wiccan Refuge
     Full of stuff for Pagans; emphasizes communication

Witches' Brew
     Lots of info, lots of links!

The College Witch
     Great site for college Pagans & their special issues

Witch Haven
     Completely full of all you ever need to know!

Pagans' Path
    Lovely site, informative and poetic.

Hairfish Graphics
    Good pagan graphics; thanks for most of those on these pages!

Designs by Femme
    More pagan graphics & goodies!

Pagan Downloads
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