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The Visual Arts
Artwork by our Pagan Supporters

"Courting"                              "Monarch 1" Charcoal by          
Watercolor by Laurel Greyheron                                            Laurel Greyheron
"Sun Beauty"
Watercolor by Laurel Greyheron   
                                                             This lovely piece is from my best friend, Gene
                                                             "Untitled" caption reads: 'Laurel and her new
                                                              friend casting frog spells on men..Ribbit!'
                                                             Note the classic pointy hats, and magic dust.
                                                             The artist is currently hard at work on another
                                                             piece, entitled "My house with Smiley Sun and
                                                             Extra-Large Tree" Thanks for the contribution!

Any type of artwork is acceptable;
show us what you love!

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