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Epona and the Horse
    My farm and my life have been dedicated to Epona, the Celtic Goddess of abundance, fertility, and horses. I've bred horses all my life, but in the past ten years or so, since I've learned the ways of the Goddess, my outlook towards my animals has changed. I have really begun to view them as partners to be trusted, not beasts to be broken; I cannot "own" a creature so indepedent as the horse, and am instead, merely a steward. My mares are, in my mind, the Goddess incarnate, with all Her beauty and capriciousness (if you've horses, you know the "mare attitude"!)
     Animals can teach us so much about ourselves and the world we live in; they are one of our last remaining links to the wildness of the world.
Take good care of any that pass through your life, for their treatment is the measure of humanity.

Folklore and Superstitions
About Birds
Bird Lore- Albatross thru Cuckoo (Page One)

Bird Lore- Dove thru Loon (Page Two)

Bird Lore- Magpie thru Starling (Page Three)

Bird Lore- Stork thru Yellowthroat (Page Four)

Birds & Associated Herbs

Epona's Way Equine
(my farm)

Beyond the Rainbow
    This site has a great listing of animal totems- very well done!

Spirit Animals
    Another shamanistic look at totem animals

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