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A Bit About Me
My name is Laurel Greyheron, and I've been
a Solitary Eclectic Wiccan for
about ten years. I'm currently procrastinating and putting off  grad school, in which I will one day take my Master's/PhD in Medeival Literature;
I hope to teach English on a college level.
My first love, though, is horses.
I currently breed and begin the training
of American Warmbloods and Quarter Sporthorses,
and they take up most of my time.
But I do love to teach, especially
open, willing people who really want to learn
about paganism and Wicca. I believe in the sanctity
of all paths and all religions- the Lord & Lady
show Their faces in many forms.
As long as love, tolerance, compassion, and respect
are the basis for any set of teachings,
I'm happy to hear their views.

My menagerie at the moment includes
horses & cats and a wide assortment
of outdoor pets, including a field mouse family.
This list is always likely to change at any moment;
orphans, strays, hard luck cases,
and anything fuzzy seem to find their way to me
an a regular basis, and I can't say no.

I'm twenty seven years old, divorced a time or two,
and love to garden, paint, and sit outside in
the pasture with my mares and watch the moon rise.
Herbalism, both magical & medicinal, is really
my first love, and I spend lots of time wandering the fields.
Thanks for visiting my site, and if you
have any questions, or want to contact me,
email me at the link below. Blessed Be!

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