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Bird Lore Two

Bird Folklore- Dove thru Loon
(Page Two)

    *The dove is a symbol of peace, and the triumph of life over death.
    *To give counsel to Mohammed, Allah sent a dove as messenger.
    *In Japan, the dove is a messenger of war.
    *Note from where the first dove's call comes; if from above, prosperity will come, and if from below, bad luck is on the way.
    *When an unmarried girl hears the first dove of spring, she should take nine steps forward, nine steps back, and take off her right shoe. In it will be the hair of the man she will marry.
    *Doves are said to lead thirsty humans to water in arid regions.

    *The eagle has long been an emblem of the Sun.
    *Seeing an eagle fly from left to right is a very good omen.
    *Eagles are believed to control thunder and lightening, due to their association with Zeus
    *Eagle feathers are used for healing.

    *Egret feathers bring good luck to competitors involved in sports.

    *Falcons represent success.
    *Falcons were messengers of Apollo.
    *Carryiing a hawk's or falcon's feather enables one to understand the speech of birds.

Texas flycatcher
    *The flycatcher is considered good luck in Texas (maybe because he feasts on yellowjackets and hornets!)

    *Flicker feathers are a good luck talisman.

    *A goldfinch in a cage brings happiness into a home.

    *Several cultures state that the Sun was laid by the goose in the form of a golden egg (origin of Aesop's fable.)
    *Seeing or owning a pair of geese brings happiness to a couple.
    *Check the Thanksgiving goose's breastbone; if it is thin or light-colored, the winter will be mild. If it is thick or dark-colored, the winter will be severe.
    *Geese are associated with the Winter Solstice, and should be eaten on this occasion to bring good luck to the household.
    *Goosefeather pillows promote fidelity in those who sleep upon them.

    *A pregnant woman should never eat grouse, for fear of stillbirth.

    *Herons are symbols of longevity.

    *The Aztecs believed that hummingbirds were the reincarnation of brave warriors killed in battle.
    *Hummingbirds bring rain.
    *Hummingbirds are linked to the Faerie Realm, and pass freely back and forth.

    *Find a jay feather, soak it in rain water, and brush a sleeping child's eyes with it. The child will never lose his sight.

    *The arrival of junkos mean cold weather is coming soon.

    *Kingfishers are symbols of dominance and bullying.
    *If kingfishers appear in December, the wind will not blow for seven days before or seven days after the Winter Solstice ("Halcyon days.")
    *Kingfisher feathers ward off lightening.

    *Kites are symbols of harassment.
    *Kites were said to have brought the law of the Gods to ancient Egypt.
    *Gypsies say kites are bad luck.

    *Disturbing a lark's nest purposefully will ruin your prosperity for life.
    *Larks symbolize fidelity.

    *Loons are considered magickal and can grant wishes in many cultures.
    *In Norway, the call of the loon in the evening means someone will drown soon.
    *It is said that the loon escorts recently-departed souls to heaven.

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