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Bird Lore Three
lore of Birds:
Magpie to Starling (Page Three)

    *Magpies predict the future, as in
        "One for sorrow, two for mirth,
         Three for a wedding, four for a birth,
         Five for silver, six for gold,
         Seven for secrets not to be told,
         Eight for heaven, nine for hell,
         Ten for the Devil's very own sel'."
*Magpies were believed to be witches' familiars.

    *The appearance of a flock of martins means good luck.

    *The first meadowlark means spring is here.
    *The meadowlark is a good omen.
    *Mockingbirds are very magickal and will sometimes answer questions.
    *Mockingbirds are symbols of hope and innocence.
    *If a mockingbird flies over the head of a single woman, she will be married within the year.

    *The feathers of the nighthawk are sacred and are appropriate offerings to the Gods.

    *Orioles near the house will cure jaundice, if gazed upon.
    *Orioles nesting on the house mean Faerie moving in.

    *Owls are alternately symbols of wisdom and deception.
    *The call of the owl presages death and misfortune.
    *If a pregnant woman hears an owl screeching, she will have a girl.
    *Owl feathers placed under one's pillow cures insomnia and nightmares.
    *Pictures of images of owls in the house ward off epidemic.
    *Tie a knot in a blue handkerchief to stop an owl's calling.

    *Parrots will lead humans to salt deposits.

    *The peacock is considered sacred in many cultures.
    *Peacocks are a symbol of vigilance, due to the "eyes" on their tailfeathers.

    *Pelicans represent charity and family ties.

    *Pheasants bring rain.
    *In Japan, pheasants predict earthquakes.
    *Pheasant feathers enhance sexual potency, enjoyment and stamina in men and women.

    *If you see a plover, rain is not far behind.

    *Pictures and feathers of ptarmigan ward off lightening.

    *Irish belief states that puffins are reincarnations of monks.

    *Dreaming of quail foretells hard times ahead.
    *If you hear the call of the quail within two weeks of naming a new baby, the name you have chosen is proper. If you don't hear the quail, reconsider the name.
    *Quail are a symbol of courage.

    *Circling ravens predict a battle, or alternately, a message from far away.
    *Ravens are said to steal the souls of the seriously ill.
    *It is said that England will never fall as long as ravens nest in the Tower of London.
    *A raven facing the clouded sun means hot weather to come.
    *If you give the afterbirth of a male child to a raven, the child will be able to converse fluently with ravens all his life.

    *If you harm a robin's nest, you will be struck by lightening.
    *"Kill a robin or a wren, never prosper, boy or man."
    *A robin entering the house foretells of a death to come soon.
    *If a robin stays close to the house in Fall, a harsh Winter is coming.
    *Robins are thought to be helpful to humans, occasionally granting favors.
    *Robins are a harbinger of Spring.
    *Make a wish on the first robin of Spring before it flies off, or you'll have no luck the following year.

    *Shrikes are considered messengers of ill news.

    *The appearance of snipes mean rain is sure to follow.

    *Sparrows were thought to be born of horsehair and mud.
    *A sparrow chirping repeatedly means rain is in the forecast.
    *Sparrows bring summer with them when they come.
    *In China, the sparrow foretells good luck in the next week.
    *In Hindu religion, the sparrow is the symbol of fruitfulness and fertility.

    *Spoonbills are considered sacred to many Native American tribes.

    *Starlings are considered murderous, and are an ill omen in flocks.

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