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Bird Lore Four
Bird Lore-
Stork to Yellowthroat (Page Four)

    *The stork is sacred to the Egyptian God of wisdom, Thoth.
    *Storks are said to be able to take on human form.
    *Storks drive off snakes.

    *A flock of swallows resting on the roof foretells poverty.
    *If a swallow flies under a person's arm, they will lose that arm soon.
    *In China, swallows are caught and then released by the river to bring rain.
    *A swallow entering the house means prosperity.
    *To dream of a live swallow foretells a happy relationship, but to dream of a dead swallow foretells the loss of the affections of your mate.
    *A swallow swooping in front of you foretells travel soon.
    *Swallows can lead humans to the magickal herb that restores eyesight (greater celandine.)

    *Swans are considered very magickal & sacred.
    *In Wales, swans are thought to bring the thunder and rain.
    *Swans are symbols of wealth.

    *Swishers are believed to help mischievious Faerie milk goats dry at night.

    *Some Native American tribes considered turkeys cowardly and refused to eat them, for fear of losing their courage.

    *After sighting the first buzzard, one may be assured that there will be no more frosts.
    *Vulture feathers are a talisman against rheumatism, and could sometimes bring the dead back to life.
    *In Greece, buzzards are an ill omen.
    *In Egypt, buzzards are a symbol of protection and women's health.
    *Vultures are considered to be the descendants of griffins.
    *If you see a lone buzzard, make a wish before he flaps his wings and it will be granted.
    *If you see the shadow of a buzzard without seeing the bird himself, visitors will arrive soon.

    *The call of the whipporwill can foretell an unmarried girl's future; one call, and she will not marry this year; two calls, and she will marry soon; three calls, and she will never marry.
    *If the whipporwill calls repeatedly, answer "No." If he stops, someone in the household will die within the year, but if he continues, all will be well.
    *The whipporwill is linked to the Moon.
    *Whatever you are doing when you hear the first whipporwill of the year, that is what you will do for the following year.

    *The red-headed woodpecker is sacred.
    *Woodpecker feathers gaurd against lightening.

Wood Thrush
    *A wood thrush singing around the house spells good luck.

    *Wren feathers are considered to be protective talismans, particularly against drowning.

    *Yellowthroats are sacred to witches because of their "Witchy! Witchy!" call.

    *If a dark bird sits on your windowsill, good luck will follow.
    *If a red bird crosses your path, you will receive good news from a loved one.

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