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Birds & Herbs
Birds & Associated Herbs

When using bird magick or bird totems,
having associated herbs can come in very handy
for charm bags, annointing, etc..

Albatross- thrift, artemesia
Blackbird-  pokeweed, dandelion, reed
Bluebird-  vervain, ash
Cardinal-  bayberry, rose
Chickadee-  thistle
Condor-  marjoram, chamomile, cinquefoil
Crane-  reed, lavendar
Crow-  walnut, oak
Dove-  rose, cinnamon
Duck-  dandelion, lavendar
Eagle-  horehound, lavendar, bay
Finch-  thistle, holly
Flamingo-  lemon verbena, sage, orchid
Goose-  ginger, hyssop
Hawk-  chamomile, ginseng, cinnamon, vervain
Lark-  meadowsweet, willow, magnolia
Mockingbird-  lavendar, cinquefoil, solomon's seal
Nightingale- catnip, jasmine, rose, moonflower
Oriole-  pomegranate
Ostrich-  rosemary, horehound, pokeweed
Owl-  sage, oak
Parrot-  bayberry, rosemary, Queen Anne's lace
Quail-  caraway, boneset, sage
Sparrow-  chamomile, blackberry
Swallow-  celandine, grasses, bayberry

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