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Candle Dressing
V Dressing The Candle E

     Choose an appropriately colored candle for the spell. If inscribing is to be done, inscribe first. Using an appropriate oil, or virgin olive oil, begin to dress the candle. Focus on the intent of the spell while following these directions.
     If you are doing a spell to attract something, rub the candle towards you, no matter which way the candle is facing. If you are doing a spell to banish or send something away, rub away from yourself.
     Place three, four (elemental), six, nine, or twelve drops of oil onto the candle. Stroke the  candle six or nine times from bottom to top, then the same number of times from top to bottom. Repeat same number of strokes from the middle out toward both ends. Remember to focus on your need. You may add whatever other touches you wish, such as red foil sprinkles for love, etc., as long as you follow the basic rules.
     If the candle goes out more than once, abandon the spell for now.
     Remember to end with ...if it harm none, so that a spell will not backfire.
     If glass-encased candles are used (simply inscribe on the top and sprinkle the oil), abandon the spell if the glass cracks.
     Wipe the excess oil onto your wrists, to enhance your link with the spell, if you wish.

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Thanks to these sources for the sharing of their knowledge; blessed be!

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