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Incense has long been used to carry the messages, prayers, and wishes
from mortals to the realm of the Gods; like a winged messenger,
incense rises to places humans rarely dare go.
Single Scents and Their Uses

     Allspice- Burn to attract money, riches. Also used for healing.

     Almond- Use in prosperity or money spells.

     Arabic, Gum- Protection, purification, uplifting vibrations.

     Bay- Healing, protection, increased psychic awareness

     Benzoin- All-purpose, purification, offertory, increases mental powers, clears area of all negativity

     Bergamot- Success, money, luck in business

     Black Moon- Moon magic, divination, psychic awareness, prophetic dreams.

     Black Love- Aphrodisiac, earthy and sensual vibrations

     Carnation- Healing, raising frequency of vibrations, energy

     Cedar- Healing, purification (esp. in winter), money and prosperity.

     Cinnamon- Success in business, sharpens mental and psychic powers.

     Camellia- Luxery, money, prosperity, indulgence

     Cherry- Love, friendship

     Clove- Protection, love, clears area of negativity and evil spirits, raises spiritual vibrations

     Copal- All-purpose, love, purify crystals before use, clearing

     Daffodil (Narcissus)- Sleep, relief from nightmares, stupefication

     Dragonís Blood- Protection, sexual potency, love, drives away evil and evil entities

     Eucalyptus- Healing, protection

     Frankincense- All-purpose, offertory, protection and clearing, consecration.

     Gardenia- Love, peace, spirituality, Moon rites

     Ginger- Power, love, success and money

     Heather- Protection, rain-making, raising ghosts

     Honeysuckle- Psychic powers

     Hyacinth- Alleviates depression, spiritaul uplift

     Jasmine- Sacred to the Moon, love and sprituality, meditation

     Juniper- Healing, psychic powers, drives away evil creatures and snakes

     Lavendar- Love, sleep, peace
     Lemon Balm- Success, love

     Lemongrass- Enhancing psychic powers

     Labyrinth- Goal-setting, diligence, repels distraction, grounds

     Lotus- Protection, blessings, antidote to love spells

     Mesquite- Healing, calling spirits

     Mint- Healing, protection, energy

     Mulberry- Strengthens the will

     Musk- Aphrodisiac, sexual potency, earthy and sensual vibrations

     Myrrh- Offertory, exorcism, healing, protection

     Nag Champa- Offertory, all-purpose, peaceful vibrations through house

     Orange (Citrus)- Love, money and prosperity

     Patchouli- Sexual vibrations, attraction, calling spirits, attracting money

     Pine- Money, purification (esp. in winter), exorcism

     Rose- Love and friendship
     Rosemary- Protection, exorcism, clearing, healing, increase magic power

     Rosewood- Offertory, calming and marital peace, spiritual vibrations

     Sage- Purification (excellent), healing

     Sandlewood- Offertory, spirituality, meditation, inducing alpha for divination

     Sweetgrass- Attracts good spirits, aids divination

     Spirit Guide- Aids inner journeys, meditation, medicine wheels

     Tuberose- Sacred to the Moon, aphrodisiac, stupefication

     Vanilla- Love, lust, increases mental powers

     Willow- Sleep, peace, comfort at funerals

     Wisteria- Pathway between worlds

     Scott Cunningham- Magical Herbalism and Encyclopedia of Magicical Herbs

     Website: Solitary Wiccans http://www.solitarywiccans.com

 I gratefully thank the sources which made my research possible and wish them the brightest blessings!

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