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Indian Lore- Intro

Native American Folklore & Superstitions

On these pages, you will find a collection
of some of the lore of the Native American tribes
from all over the country. This is just a
sample, as Native American culture
is rich in myth, story, and folklore. The sources
listed on this page are a great place to start if you are
interested in pursuing NA lore further.
Hope you enjoy!

                  Native American Lore-                        
Children, Life & Death (page 1)                 

Native American Lore-
Hunting & Ceremony (page 2)

Native American Lore-
Healing & Natural Phenomena (page 3)

Native American Lore-
Animals & Celestial Bodies (page 4)

Native American Lore-
Plants & Women (page 5)

Native American Lore-
General (page 6)

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Special thanks to the following sources:

     Gill, Sam D.and Irene F. Sullivan.The Dictionary of Native American Mythology. 1992: ABC-Clio Publications, Santa Barbara, CA. ISBN: 0-874326-621-6
(This is a wonderful book, very comprehensive, and should be a first choice among scholars & those interested in Native American lore.)

     Wigginton, Eliot (editor). Foxfire 6. 1980: Anchor Books/ Doubleday, Garden City, NY. ISBN: 0-385-15272-8
(As are all of the Foxfire projectís books, this is a delightful hodge-podge of American lore, which might otherwise have been lost if not for these books.)

     Wigginton, Eliot and Margie Bennet (editors). Foxfire 9. 1986: Anchor Press/ Doubleday, Garden City, NY. ISBN:
(see above)

Thanks to the following for the great
Native American graphics used on
these pages:

Raven's Loft
Silver Rainbows
Crystal Cloud Graphics
The Greasy Grass
Bearchelle Graphics
Poison's Icons