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Horapollo’s Hieroglyphics
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Anemone Flower- Human Disease
Ant- Foreknowledge
Aphrodite- Every female who obeys a male
Baboon- Moon, letters of alphabet, priest, anger, deep sea diver
Baboon seated- The two Equinoxes
Baboon crowned, reaching up to the Moon- Moonrise, Moon worship
Baboon with penis- Divisions of time, 24 hours of the day
Basilisk- To be reviled by denunciation & to fall sick from it
Bat- To be weak & rash
Bat’s wings and ant- To be forced to stay inside
Bat with teeth & breasts- Mother nursing her children
Beaver- To be prevented from suicide
Bee- People obedient to the king
Beetle (one horn)- Sacred to Hermes & Ibis
Beetle (two horns)- Sacred to Moon & Taurus
Beetle (30 claws)- Thirty stations of the Sun in one month
Beetle (blind)- To be dead from sunstroke
Beetle (catlike)- The progression of Sun through three stations 0f
     sunrise, noon, and sunset
Bull- Temperance
Bull facing left- Woman whose firstborn was a girl
Bull facing right- Woman whose firstborn was a boy
Bull girt with wild figs- to be made temperate through recent
Bull’s ears- Acute hearing
Bull with erect penis- Courage with temperance
Bull with right knee bound- A temperate man easily swayed
Bundle of papryi- Ancient lineage, descent
Burning censer with heart above- Ancient Egypt
Camel- To hesitate to move one’s feet
Cicada- To be initiated into the mysteries
Crane in flight- Knowledge of higher things
Crane on watch- to guard against the plot of enemies
Crocodile- A madman, a lewd man, a fertile man, a plunderer
Crocodile and scorpion- Men at war with one another
Crocodile eyes- Sunrise
Crocodile hunched up- Sunset
Crocodile’s blood- Murder
Crocodile’s tail- Shadows
Crocodile with ibis feather on head- Rapacious, idle
Crocodile with mouth open- To eat
Crow (dead)- To live a complete life
Crow (one female)- Celibacy
Crow (pair)- Man mating with his wife, marriage
Crows (young)- To be angry and in constant motion, not even resting
     to eat

Horapollo’s Hieroglyphics-
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