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Hiero Two

Horapollo’s Hieroglyphics
D-H (page 2)
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Date palm- The year marked by the progression of the 13 New Moons
Date palm (branch)- One lunar month
Deer and a flute player- To be deceived by flattery
Deer and viper- To move swiftly, but heedlessly
Dew dropping from heaven- Knowledge only a select few can grasp
Dog- Prophet, embalmer, sacred scribe, to look directly at the images
     of the gods, the spleen
Dog turning back- Escape
Dove- Ingratitude to kindness
Dove (black)- A widow remaining faithful to her death
Eagle- A retired king with no pity for his subjects
Eagle carrying a stone- Living safely within a walled city
Eagle’s chick- Bearing of male children, circle, sperm
Eagle with a twisted beak- Old man dying of hunger
Ear- Future work
Eel- To live in isolation and be hostile to everyone
Electric ray- A man saving many others from drowning
Elephant and pig- A king fleeing from a fool
Elephant and ram- A king fleeing from folly and intemperance
Elephant burying his tusks- To prepare one’s own tomb
Elephant with his trunk- To be sensitive to what is expedient, to be
     master of own’s own fate
Face of animal with a sword- Impious, undutiful
Feet in water- A fuller of cloth
Feet together and standing- Course of the Sun at the winter solstice
Feet walking on water- The impossible
Finger- Measurement
Fire and water- Purity, purification
Fish- Abominable, lawless, taboo
Fly- Impudence
Frog- Unformed man, shameless man of keen vision
Goat- Sharp hearing, a fruitful man’s penis
Hand- A man fond of building
Hands holding a shield and bow- The jaws of battle
 Hare- Alert, to keep one’s eyes open
Hawk- God, sublime victory, Sun, sight, blood, heart, soul;
Hawk big with young- To abandon one’s children because of poverty
Hawk spreading his wings in the air- Wind
Hawks (pair)- Husband & wife, 30 sexual unions of the Sun with the      Moon
Headless man walking- That which is impossible
Heads (male looking in, female looking out)- To ward off demons,
     phylactery, talisman
Heart hanging from gullet- The mouth of a good man
Hippopotamus- An hour
Hippopotamus claws turned downward- The unjust and the      ungrateful
Honey- The center of vital power
Horn (of bull)- Work
Horn (of cow)- Punishment
Horn (of stag)- A long space of time
Horse and bustard- A weak man pursuing a stronger man
Horse (dead)- Many wasps, to swarm
Hyena- To be changeable, unstable, androgynous
Hyena facing left- To be conquered by the enemy
Hyena facing right- To conquer the enemy
Hyena skin- To bear misfortune fearlessly, even to the point of death
Hyena and leopard skin- to be conquered by a weaker opponent

Horapollo’s Hieroglyphics-
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