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Hiero Three

Horapollo’s Hieroglyphics
I-O (page 3)
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Ibis- Heart, reason, sacred to Hermes
Ink and reed- Scribe, letters of the alphabet
Isis- The star Sothis marking the year
Ladder- A siege
Lamprey- A man who mates with foreigners
Leopard- To live an evil life, but to conceal such evilness
Lion- To inspire fear, spiritedness, sacred to Horus, the rising of the
     Nile (when Sol is in Leo)
Lion devouring a monkey- To cure oneself of a fever
Lioness- A woman who has conceived only once
Lion (head of)- To be wide awake and on guard
Lion and torches- Anger chastened by fire
Lion’s forequarters- Strength
Lion tearing its cubs to pieces- Unmeasurable anger
Lyre- A man who binds together and united his people
Man eating an hourglass- An astrologer
Man in armor (or shooting an arrow)- A mob
Man with the head of an ass- To never travel or listen to any stories
Mare kicking a wolf- A woman who has aborted
Martin- A woman acting like a man
Mole- To be blind
Monkey urinating- Concealing one’s inferiority
Monkey with a little monkey behind him- A man whose heir is a son
     whom he hates
Moon- The cycle of a full month
Moon (with downward turned horns)-Fifteen waxings of the Moon
Moon (with upward turned horns)- Fifteen wanings of the Moon
Mouse- Concealment, disappearance, and discrimination
Mouth- Complete taste
Mule- Barren woman
Night Owl- Death
Number 5- Fate as five great stars
Number 12- The months of the year
Number 15- The waxing (and waning) of the Moon
Number 16- Pleasure, sexual stirrings of adolescence
Number 28- The Moon traversing the Zodiac
Number 29- The birth of the World, the union of the Sun and Moon
Number 30- Days of the month
Number 32- Copulation (two 16’s)
Number 72- Seventy-two ancient countries of the world, number of
     days for a baboon to die
Number 120- Cycle of preparing for intercourse, for gestation, and
     for feeding the young for the vulture
Number 500- Years a phoenix lives
Number 1095- Three years of silence
Octopus- To squander badly, to feed lavishly on another’s food and
     then later secretly devour one’s own food
Origanum (herb)- Absence of ants
Oryx- Impurity
Ostrich wing- To distribute justice equally
Owl- Foreknowledge (of an abundant harvest of wine)
Owl and maiden hair- To be harmed by an excess of wine and to cure
     oneself by abstinence
Oyster and crab- To be careless of one’s own welfare, but to be
     provided for
Oysters big with young- Man yoked to a woman

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