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Hiero Four

Horapollo’s Hieroglyphics
P-S (page 4)
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Partridges (pair)- Pederasty
Pelican- Fool, foolishness
Penis pressed by hand- Temperance
Phoenix- The soul delaying on earth for a long time, return of the long
     absent traveler, the Sun who looks down on everything, long
     enduring restoration
Pig- Pernicious
Pigeon holding a laurel leaf- A man who has been cured by the answer
     of an Oracle
Pigeon with his hind parts erect- A man without bitterness receiving it
     from another
Pipes of Pan- To lose one’s mind, but later to recover one’s senses
Quail bone- Permanent and steadfast
Roach caught on a hook- A man punished for murder
Royal stole beside a dog- Judge, magistrate
Salamander- Burned by fire
Scarab- Self-begotten, only begotten, not born of a female
Scarab and vulture- Hermaphrodite
Scarus (a fish)- Glutton
Serpent- The strength of the mouth
Serpent (a complete serpent)- The almighty, the creator of all
Serpent biting its tail with variegated scales- The cosmos, the      Universe
Serpent biting its tail with the name of a king written in the middle of
     its scales- A powerful king who rules the cosmos
Serpent cut in half- A king who rules only part of an empire
Serpent emerging out of shed skin- To be made young again, to be
Serpent in a state of watchfulness- King as guardian
Serpent of gold on the heads of gods & goddesses- Eternity
Serpent’s scales- The stars of heaven
Serpent’s skin shed- Old age
Serpent upon whose back is a great palace- The king as cosmic ruler
Seven letters surrounded by two fingers- A muse, the infinite, fate
Shark- To vomit and again eat one’s fill
She-bear big with cubs- To be deformed, but grow up normal
Sheep and goats grazing on fleabane- A man who slays sheep & goats
Signed book- The very old
Smoke rising skyward- Fire
Snare- Love
Solar disk cut in two with stars- Pregnant woman
Sparrow and dogfish- To flee one’s patron and remain without aid
Sparrow on fire- A fecund man
Spine- Masculinity, the loins, sperm
Spiny lobster and octopus- A man ruling over his fellow citizens
Squid- To yearn for what is right, but fall in with evil
Star- God, twilight, night, time, man’s soul, fate, the number five
Stork- Filial affection, gratitude
Straight line superimposed upon another- The number ten
Sun and Moon- Eternity
Sun and Moon conjoined- Birth of the World, the 29th day
Swallow- Entire wealth of parents left to children
Swan- To love music (in old age)

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