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Hiero Five
Horapollo’s Hieroglyphics
T-Z (page 5)
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Thunder- Distant voice
Tongue and bloodshot eye- Speech, command
Tongue between teeth- Incomplete taste
Turtledove- To love dance & music
Two men greeting- Unanimity
Vulture- Sight, foreknowledge, pity, boundaries, the cycle of the year
     sacred to Athene (as the sky) or to Hera (as the Earth)
Vulture upon an Egyptian crown- The mother, all goddesses, the      women as heaven
Viper- A wife who hates her husband, a child who hates its mother
Vulpanser (a bird)- Father and mother sacrificing for the life of their
Wasp in flight- Murder
Weasel- A weak man unable to care for himself
Wolf and stone- To be afraid of what might happen from invisible      causes
Wolf turning back- Escape
Wolf who has lost the tip of its tail- To be assailed by the enemy, but      delivered after small harm
Words and leaves- The very old
Worms (maggots)- A swarm (of gnats)

Horapollo’s Hieroglyphics
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