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Survival Tips
In the new world in which we find ourselves
living, the threat of terrorism and other acts of
violence necessitate some good, hard thinking on
our parts; how can we prepare ourselves
for a crisis? Many of us got our wake-up
call during the Y2K scare, but others of us scoffed
at the possibility of anything changing
our comfy, insulated lives here in America.
That day is gone. We need to prepare ourselves
as best as we may for the eventuality of a war
on our own soil, and a radical change in the
standard of living; how can we do this, without
panic? Below is a list to begin with, some things
that every Pagan (and non-Pagan) can do
to help secure his or herself against danger. Please
read, and think hard before laughing this off; it may save your life, or the lives of loved ones.

Steps you can take:

1. Store food. I recently received a forward warning pagans about the possibility of contaminated food sources in the coming year, and it really made sense. Who knows what may be spread via our food sources? “This may be the last clean harvest,” it said, and it may well be. Storing food, as well as means to sustain food production such as seed and starts, is only good sense.

2. Consider sprouts. The seed needed for sprouts stores well, and sprouting seed takes no sunlight and little space. Many vegetable & grain seed varieties may be used (nothing from tomato seed- toxic!) and there are many great websites out there which can fill you in on sprouting; sprouts are many times more nutritious than their full-grown counterparts.

3. Store bleach. If our water sources are cut off, add 3-8 drops regular chlorine bleach per one gallon untreated water, and most disease-causing organisms are killed, including those which cause dysentery, giardia, and others. It doesn’t take a lot, so 3-4 gallon bottles would be a good start. Filter standing water through cheesecloth or a coffee filter before adding bleach, and allow water to stand for thirty minutes after treatment uncovered.

4. Have a plan, especially if you live in a major urban area. Everyone will be trying to leave, so those who are the best prepared will be the ones who get to make choices about leaving or staying. Make arrangements with scattered family members to meet in a familiar small town. Pooled resources and manpower will be able to withstand the most havoc.

5. If you have weaponry that you plan to use for defense or for hunting, make sure you are certain that you know your weapon very well. I suggest a non-automatic weapon that may be easily cleaned, repaired, and ammo’d. It is wise to have all family members ‘up to date’ on all of the weaponry in your home; if you are going to have it, make sure everyone knows how to use it safely.

6. Even if you don’t ever think you’ll need it, or your stomach churns at the thought, get on the ‘net and download or print a good, pictorial set of slaughtering & butchering instructions. There are things that you can do vitally wrong, and you will wind up tainting the meat; if we must put ourselves back directly into our Mother’s food chain, we should have the knowledge to do it properly, so we don’t waste any of the animals which sacrifice themselves for our survival. By the way, only eat squirrels as a last resort- they’re yucky!

7. Make sure that there is at least one good, non-serrated knife in the house, not a $5 pocketknife, but a well-made, long-life hunting-type knife; also, have supplies to sharpen & oil your knife. A good knife is a top necessity, and can be used for endless tasks, if you educate yourself in its use and care.

8. Despite the reports to the contrary, I would suggest going to your local feed store and buying two or three bottles of horse-grade antibiotic. Avoid the bovine-grade (for cows,) because it is not very well purified; horse meds must be virtually as pure as human meds to be labeled for equine use. You will find simple antibiotics, such as penicillin, and a product called ‘combiotic’ which will contain at least two types of antibiotic. Combiotic will be harder on a human than a simple penicillin, but can be administered if need be. Use caution, since most equine antibiotics are penicillin-based; they will cause allergic reactions in susceptible people. Obtaining human-sized syringes can be very difficult, but the smallest animal needles at the feed store will suffice for an IM injection.

9. Don’t worry about stocking up on pet food; most pet owners already know very well that their pets can eat what we eat without too many problems. Pet food is wasted space, especially in bulk. Buy bulk rice instead; with a little beef broth or gravy, cats & dogs will be perfectly happy with the rice, while you may not like Kibbles n Bits.

10. Go out and get quarters. If the electricity goes out, you will be better able to barter for food and supplies with small money; stores may not be able to give change, and that twenty may become worthless.

11. Stock up on salt, sugar, and flour, especially salt, since it is used to preserve foods from decay. Find out how to salt meat; it’s easy and was used as a very safe method of preservation for centuries. Sugar is calorie-dense, as all of we weight-watchers know, and will keep you going longer than many other items that take up similar space. Don’t forget chocolate and other little goodies; they can be the difference between a miserable existence and a more comfortable one, and again, are calorie-dense.

A practical, universal tip from a friend in Austin:

"Learn to use a spear...
  A spear/javelin/big sharpened stick is one of the most easily crafted and
effective weapons known to man.  Not only can one defend one's self more
effectively with a spear (as it is basically a quarter staff with a sharpened
end) than with a knife (and from much farther away, by the way) but it also
serves as an effective hunting tool.  Another advantage is time, learning to
use a spear takes only about 2 hours of time (including construction) and
thus can be easily passed on to innumerable others."

Another friend of mine sent in the following excellent suggestions:

Well...since we are being either paranoid or practical...One thing that I thought of is that familys, I mean your immediate family, however if you trust your witch family enough this would be for them too, should develope some sort of code. I know it sounds difficult and a little overboard, but in these times of uncertainty a family may need to be able to communicate unhindered by listening ears. Not now and hopefully never--will we need to use something like that, but I believe that we (resoursful) pagans have a better chance of surviving some type of catastrophic happening that "other people". Not only a written code but some sort of silent, hand signal, or animal sound type code. Another thing is a hiding place. You don't want the obvious like the basement or closet, but you would need a fake room or something un-typical...Of course if they (whoever they is) burn down your house or thrust bayonets thru doors, it won't matter but The point is --is that we Americans don't think of the possibility of having to take these kind of precautions. We have grown complacent. But 9_11 has shown us that we are not immune to terrorism or even the eventuality of occupation by either foriegn forces or ( and don't scoff) our own. Yes it is possible. Our new Homeland Security department is a perfect example. Yes we need it at the airports and public buildings. But the Nazi SS began the same way. They were Germany's "Homeland Security". What I am trying to say is that though it is NOT...likely to happen, we have to be vigilant and lookout for our own security to a certain extent. I think as Pagans, you realize that most of what happens to us, is of our own will. For good or bad we create our paths. So why choose to not be cautious where the government is concerned. Keep an open eye. Do not be a blind follower simply because it might be ease. We wouldn't have chosen our path if it were easy.

     There are many other things that we can do to prepare for a crisis situation, such as stocking up on batteries, a weather radio, candles, lamp oil, and such; if you have any suggestions you want to see on this page, let me know and I’ll post them. Pray to the Lord & Lady for peace, but prepare yourself for survival; it only makes good sense.

One of the most comprehensive Survival & Self-Sufficiensy sites around:        Rocky Mountain Survival Guide

Goddess Bless!

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