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Laughing Crow
The Laughing Crow
                           Do you wonder sometimes
if you're the "only one who..?"
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These pages are dedicated to humor,
   Strange but True: Hilarious Headlines       The D.A.R.C. Award

16 Reasons Why God Never Made Tenure   You May Be A Redneck
                                       at the University                                Pagan If...
  Cat Bathing as a Martial Art

    The Very Best of the Very Worst Country
                                  Western Song Titles

    The Classic Field Guide to Pagans

  50 Fun Things for Non-Christians to Do
                                    in Church
  21 Actual Announcements Taken From
                                    Church Bulletins

    Learn to Fake Your Way Through New
                  Age in Five Minutes
    Light Bulb Jokes for Everyone! (...about

  Lady Moondrip's Guide to Choosing a
                Craft Name

more coming soon...

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