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This thread of pages will inevitably grow,
but for now, I felt that the
following link deserved its very own page
and introduction.
Called BeliefNet,
these pages are really something.
They offer the kind of religious tolerance,
inter-faith discussion, and all-faith education
that I have yearned to see.

While you're visiting, don't neglect the great quizzes,
my favorite of which is the Belief-O-Matic.
Funny name, serious quiz.

Go there now!

Check back with us on these pages;
We'll be rounding up more of the best stuff
out there on different spiritual topics. Remember,
even though we make fun of many religions
in our Laughing Crow section,
we always welcome anybody, of any faith,
who holds the concepts of love, laughter, and tolerance
to their hearts. Blessed be!

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