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Laughing Crow 12
The D.A.R.C. Award Page!

            Surely you know someone
who deserves this award!
By Raven Gilmartin
More of her laughs at:


You are hereby presented with:
Oh you Great and Powerful, Mysterious Magician/Wizard/Warlock, you!
We give you this D.A.R.C. (Demons Are Really Cool) Award because you have graced our forum with your presence!
You have shown us once again that what matters is not years of study! Not
extensive knowledge of many different religions, philosophies and spiritual
paths! Not practice with covens, groups and with teachers!
You have shown us that what really matters is owning a copy of the Necronomicon, wearing lots of black clothes, and the ability to mumble all the "secret words" in ancient Sumerian!
And all of us who falsely believe that a balance of Light and Dark is essential; all of us who use hexes, curses,bindings and other forms of "black magic" as a last resort only; all of us who believe in our systems of ethics, and the Law of Returns, are humbled by your Great and Mysterious Darki-Warki Poobahness!
As an added bonus, I am sure you will be overjoyed to know that with this award comes immediate acceptance into D.O.G.S. (Delusions of Grandeur Society). We can't wait until you come visit us again!
Brightest er...Darkest Blessings to you!
The Members of The Pagan Realm

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