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Aromatherapy has been used for centuries, and has enjoyed a comeback in the last few decades. Plants extracts, especially, have been used to heal the body, mind & spirit; these next links give some very interesting info on aromatherapy.

Fragrant World- This website will be of interest to beginning          
                                  aromatherapists and experienced alike. It is
                                  based on the ancient practices of the Baha'i
                                  faith involving the use of aromas in healing &
                                  in spirituality.

Circles of Light- This site offers aromatherapy basics, plus info on
                                 several other metaphysical topics. Interesting.

Grow Your Own Herbs

Laurel's Herb Gathering & Drying Hints

Garden Talk- A very informative website with info on growing herbs
                           and other plants.

Garden Guides- Another good site, with articles on many herbs,
                                 their culture, and preparation.

The Green Line-  Articles on drying your herbs; many other topics,

Celtic & Ethnic Cookery

Irish Recipes- Several traditional recipes from Ireland

Celtic Recipes- Reconstructions of traditional foods of the Celts

Scottish Recipes- Recipes from homeland Scotland

Soap & CandleMaking

About Soap & Chandlery- An About.com site, this is a great
                                                  starting place, packed with helpful tips &

Walton Feed Soap-Making-  A how-to for some really unique & easy
                                                  creations, as well as a wealth of info for
                                                  more advanced soap-making.

Aromatic Essence- Good site for both soap & candles, as well as
                                       other toiletries.

Traditional Clothing & Costuming

Tempus Perigrinator's Fancy Pants Site- Great resource for
                                           traditional clothing, from the Dark Ages
                                           to vintage 1970's clothing.

Costume Gallery- Good site, with tons of original illustrations to
                                           get that accurate look.

More Arts & Handicrafts Information
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