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Observed April 30 & May 1,
or Sun Reaches 15 degrees Taurus

Beltane is probably the second most widely celebrated Pagan holiday, and for good reason: Beltane
is the festival of passion! Traditionally, the Goddess takes the now-mature young God as Her lover
on this night, thus ensuring the continued turning
of the Wheel of the Year; many adult Pagans
also celebrate this joyful occasion with their own lovers. This holiday is also a time to pray and hope for
a good upcoming harvest.
One of Beltane's traditions is that of Faery magic. On this night, the
Fae Folk are able to wander freely between this world
and their own; tales of interaction between
humans and Faeries on Beltane are common. If you are on good terms with the Faery, and wish to
have contact, this is the perfect night for it.
Traditional activities for Beltane include the famous
MayPole ritual. The Maypole itself is a phallic
symbol, and the ribbons that encirlce it represent
the loving body of the Goddess. Even if
you are alone, you may use this symbolism with
your own version of a Maypole. Dancing, drinking,
feasting & making merry are orders of the day, as is a balefire, or large fire made of traditional woods, over which celebrants leap to gain a Beltane blessing.
Ancient peoples drove their livestock between two balefires, both at Beltane and Samhain, which are opposite one another on the Wheel of the Year.
Symbols for Beltane include Maypoles & other phallic symbols (bread is often baked into phallic shapes and consumed,) fire and Summer flowers. Colors include bridal-chamber white, Greenman-green, and
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