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Mabon/ Autumnal Equinox

Observed on Fall Equinox,
Usually Around September 21 or 22

Mabon is a celebration of the true beginning of the harvest
season in most places; it is a time of Thanksgiving and of looking ahead to the long days of Winter, which are fast approaching.
This is not the same kind of celebration as the
raucous, noisy Summer celebrations; it is a
time for introspection, a time to make sure that
one has made all the necessary preparations
for the barren Winter, both physically and spiritually. It
is a time to contemplate the turning of the Wheel, and a time
to relax during the ongoing work of harvest season.
Traditions include a traditional meal, which varies from
place to place (much as the later Thanksgiving feast
is a bit different in different regions.) Colors include
turning-leaf colors, orange, yellow & red.

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